As an undying advocate for the rights of deaf Americans, Darnall often leads rallies and marches and has testified on behalf of deaf people. His experience as an advocate and inspirational leader makes him an ideal individual to ask for practical advice on situations impacting the rights of deaf individuals.

Interpreter Mentoring

Darnall provides customized mentoring and workshops for interpreters with varying levels of skills and experience. Topics include fingerspelling, the public school interpreter’s role in literacy development, and classifier usage in chronological narratives.

Living Historian

With an extensive knowledge of American history and deaf history, Darnall is renowned as a quntessential historian who is often fully clad in authentic period costumes during performances and lectures.  His captivating, fluent storytelling creates unique learning experiences for school-aged children who use sign language.  Guided tours at any historical site, especially Civil War battlefields, are also available.

Performing Arts

Darnall has been involved in theater since he was very young, as a performer, director, writer, and coach.  He is very often hired to serve as narrator for video productions and has acted in numerous roles throughout the nation.  An instructor at the Rose Theater in Omaha, Darnall also performs a one-man comedy show, “What’s Wrong with Them?!”

Public Speaker

Darnall travels the country presenting keynotes and speeches at conferences, graduations and other events. His topics range from the inspirational to the hard-hitting.


Darnall conducts retreats and leadership training for non-profit and for-profit entities. With twenty-plus years of experience serving on various boards, his broad knowledge in value-based leadership and character development makes him a sought-after trainer.

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