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The Power of Consulting.

Darnall Consulting LLC was founded in 2006 to work with Nebraska agencies and entities in education and advocacy for individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing. With founder Linsay Darnall Jr's skills and services, his firm quickly expanded to include a variety of services.

Today, Darnall Consulting knows no boundaries.

Darnall Consulting Services​

Darnall Consulting specializes in providing customized services to individuals and agencies. If your board members need leadership training, your organization needs an inspirational speaker, your school needs fundraising ideas, or your community needs someone to perform or direct a play, Darnall can design a tailor-made experience to your needs. He also provides parliamentary advice, marketing ideas, and many more! 

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As an undying advocate for the rights of deaf Americans, Darnall often leads rallies and marches and has testified on behalf of deaf people. His experience as an advocate and inspirational leader makes him an ideal individual to ask for practical advice on situations impacting the rights of deaf individuals.

Living Historian

With an extensive knowledge of American history and deaf history, Darnall is renowned as a quintessential historian who is often fully clad in authentic period costumes during performances and lectures.  His captivating, fluent storytelling creates unique learning experiences for school-aged children who use sign language.  Guided tours at any historical site, especially Civil War battlefields, are also available.

Public Speaker

Darnall travels the country presenting keynotes and speeches at conferences, graduations, and other events. His topics range from the inspirational to the hard-hitting.

Performing Arts

Darnall has been involved in theater since he was very young; as a performer, director, writer, and coach.  He is often hired to serve as a narrator for video productions and has acted in numerous roles throughout the nation. Darnall has discovered another talent being a filmmaker; he directed the movie "The Book of Job” and produced a documentary about the experience of the Class of 1988 from Georgia School for the Deaf.

Interpreter Mentoring

Darnall provides customized mentoring and workshops for interpreters with varying levels of skills and experience. Topics include fingerspelling, the public school interpreter’s role in literacy development, and classifier usage in chronological narratives. 


Darnall conducts retreats and leadership training for non-profit and for-profit entities. With twenty-plus years of experience serving on various boards, his broad knowledge in value-based leadership and character development makes him a highly sought-after trainer.


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About Linsay Darnall Jr.

Linsay Darnall Jr., is a versatile individual whose experience ranges from chasing cattle in western Nebraska when he was young to serving the National Association of the Deaf as a board member. His reputation as an eloquent speaker and an expert advocate for Deaf people's rights is held in high esteem across the nation. 


Born to Deaf parents, Darnall grew up in Polk, Nebraska. He and his brother attended their parents’ alma mater, Nebraska School for the Deaf in Omaha. He then attended Gallaudet University, where he studied government, before returning to Nebraska to continue his advocacy and community work.


Darnall has been heavily involved in the community for several decades. Among his experiences are serving as vice-president of Nebraska Association of the Deaf for two years and president of Nebraska School for the Deaf Alumni Association for 18 years. He is now serving on the National Association of the Deaf board as a Region II representative, Nebraska Hands and Voices Board, and Nebraska Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Advisory Board. Darnall also co-founded the Nebraska Deaf Heritage Museum and Cultural Center. His work with deaf youth and theatre was featured in the Omaha World-Herald and was honored with the Outstanding Leadership Award from the National Jr. NAD conference. Darnall received the Outstanding use of American Sign Language award from the Gallaudet University Theater Department, The James Sowell Appreciation Award from Nebraska Association of the Deaf, The Spirit of NAD from National Association of Deaf, and recently, the governor bestowed him the title of Admiral of The Great Navy of the State of Nebraska.

Darnall is held in high esteem across the nation.

Client Testimonials

-Paige Thompson-Matzker, MAAD Commissioner, St. Louis, MO

Midwest Athletic Association of the Deaf has asked Linsay Darnall, Jr. to serve as parliamentarian at several meetings in Omaha, Council Bluffs, and Lincoln. He invested time and words to ensure that MAAD has a smooth meeting by offering tips in Robert's Rule of Order and other procedures.  Without his help and support, MAAD would not have had successful meetings.

Michael J. Bello, President and Executive Director, The Learning Center for the Deaf, Framingham, MA

Linsay Darnall Jr. is an exceptional speaker, who inspires Deaf students to be all that they can be.  Linsay was the 2009 graduation speaker for our school, The Learning Center for the Deaf.  Our senior class chose him and they could not have chosen a better person. Linsay's speech was a perfect blend of "congratulations and challenge" for our graduates and their guests.  Rave reviews were heard from all, who attended.  I highly recommend Linsay as an inspirational speaker.

Jonathan Scherling, President, Nebraska Association of the Deaf, Omaha, NE

Linsay Darnall Jr., was asked to facilitate a day-long retreat for our board members. He invested time and energy to build us into an effective team. The session Linsay provided us was outstanding, due to his numerous years of leadership experience. All of us were left with eagerness to get down to business and put our vision into action. Thank you, Linsay, for everything!

Linsay Darnall Jr meets Roberta "Bobbi" Cordano, president of Gallaudet University.
Jill Hoffart, M.A.; Coordinator, Northeast Nebraska Program for Children who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing, Norfolk, NE

Linsay Jr. has a vast amount of experience working with students of all ages. His passion for sharing his love of history both of Deaf individuals and of America as a whole, leads to fascinating lessons and anecdotes. He is a phenomenal storyteller who captivates his audiences. His precise and clear communication style makes for a mesmerizing educational experience. I highly recommend Linsay Jr. for your classroom or school assembly.

Kat Roberts Jarashow and Ben Jarashow, Utah Valley University Lecturer, Orem, UT

The audience is guaranteed a stellar and highly entertaining show from the minute Linsay Darnall Jr., steps onstage to when he exits. In each and every one of the many performances we have seen from him, even the repeat ones, he has never failed to entertain us with his wide variety of stories. We have yet to meet a person who has been lucky enough to see one of Darnall's performance and not like it.

Connie A. Herndon, neRID President, Lincoln, NE

When Linsay lifts his hands, words come to life.  Whether he's painting a landscape, resurrecting a moment in history, or creating poetry from difficult philosophical concepts, his work is art at its finest and communication at its clearest. A true king of communication, the brightest jewel in his crown is the ability to show students and professionals the ‘how to’ of his royal magic.

Partial Client List

  • Boys Town National Research Hospital

  • California School for the Deaf- Fremont

  • Communication Service for the Deaf

  • DawnSignPress

  • Deaf Missions

  • Gallaudet University Department of ASL

  • Home Loan Pros

  • Iowa School for the Deaf

  • Jacksonville Community Center for the Deaf

  • Just Mindy

  • Kentucky School for the Deaf

  • Lovers Lane United Methodist Church

  • Maryland School for the Deaf

  • Midwest Athletic Association of the Deaf

  • ​​National Association of the Deaf, Youth Leadership Camp

  • National Leadership and Literacy Camp

  • Nebraska Association of the Deaf

  • Nebraska Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

  • Nebraska Regional Programs for Deaf and Hard of Hearing

  • Nebraska Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf

  • New Mexico School for the Deaf

  • Ozark Christian College

  • Rose Theater

  • Sanvina Design

  • Sign Media, Inc.

  • Silent Blessings Deaf Ministries

  • Wisconsin School for the Deaf

  • Alabama Association of the Deaf

  • Arkansas Association of the Deaf

  • Arkansas School for the Deaf

  • Center for Research and Training, The Learning Center for the Deaf

  • Indiana School for the Deaf

  • Louisiana Association of the Deaf

  • Minnesota State Academy for the Deaf

  • Minnesota State Academy for the Deaf Museum

  • New Mexico School for the Deaf

  • Idaho Council for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

  • Sorenson Communications

  • Texas School for the Deaf

  • University of Arkansas at Little Rock

  • Utah School for the Deaf


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